July 21, 2019 –
My friend Sam got married today and I made him a sculpture that was inspired by his FB profile picture.


Here’s the rawish materials.

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July 11, 2018 –
I wanted to create a special gift for a girl at our Temple who was celebrating her Bat Mitzvah. I was told that she loves dance of all kinds so I decided to stretch myself and sculpt this dancer in glass.



Dec 16, 2017 –
A present for Alex. Our past favorite receiver in the game Antonio Brown. (Now it is JuJu) I’m getting more comfortable with capturing frozen motion. Oak Base is a “drop” from his oak menorah I made last year from a tree we harvested 6 years ago.

Dec 7, 2017  –

Made this last night. Learning to get more comfortable with human figure work. Slowly. But glass makes it a fluid process of compressing and stretching and allowing heat and gravity to carry the glass where I want it.
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And I love Ultimate Frisbee however at my age I’m not likely to do a “layout” like this. I’ll leave that to my 15 to 30 year old team mates. I play twice a week with a great group of kids who have accepted me even with all my limitations. Thanks guys.

The scrap of oak is from one of our trees that I made into boards.

Dec 20, 2017  –
I feel deeply honored when someone asks me to memorialize their loved ones so they may wear their memory or see it often on a desk, dresser or mantle.
I was told to make a green marble and also made a matching pendant.
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January 23, 2018 –

I made this award for a man who has courage and vision to keep and disseminate the message of natural health saving the planet.
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Dec 3, 2017 –
Aikido is not about meeting force with force. It is about using the momentum of the attacker against them. Without an attacker Akido has no offense. That doesn’t mean an Aikido artist can’t strike first, it just means they do not initiate the fight.
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It is a response to an attack that requires body awareness and the ability to get out of the way providing as little resistance as possible to the attacker’s vector of motion. That turns the attacker into what we call a falling man.
I created this sculpture as one of what will be an ongoing series of techniques. This demonstrates a throw called Kokyo-Nage.
As I create these sculptures I learn the fine points of these techniques in 3-D. Therefore this is my opportunity to improve to skill sets simultaneously.

I met Rose at a seminar in 2010 and we had been FB friends since. Earlier this year she gave birth to a boy and found out she had cancer. Her treatment left her susceptible to infection and she passed unexpectedly. I made this memorial marble for her son to have. This is one marble I wish I didn’t feel inspired to make.

Jan 25, 2018 –
A friend of mine has a collection of animal figurines. I asked her what animal she didn’t have and she said, “Raccoon.” Now she has one.
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