About the Artist

Abstract Multi-media

Frequently, my abstract pieces express a recurring theme of organic, irrepressible “life forms” birthing through a mechanistic, seemingly impenetrable surface. This is like the oak seedling that pushes aside the asphalt to reach the elements and express its natural need to manifest its destiny.

            The “Emerging Innate” series continues my interest in these wood carved forms bursting forth from rigid surroundings.  This represents a scenario that is much like my own return to my artistic expression.


In 1976,  I graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture with a minor in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Making. I began college with three semesters at CMU in Electrical Engineering before finding and expressing my creative side.

            After graduating, I sold custom rings, pendants and hundreds of limited edition and custom designed belt buckles forged from brass, bronze, sterling silver and gold.  These were mostly sold through craft shows and leather shops nationwide. I also designed and made furniture

Visual Odyssey

            The year I graduated from college I was diverted into what became a successful business that combined my electrical engineering and art skills.  I created (and patented) charts of the human nerve system that electronically demonstrate the relationships of the spinal nerves, muscles, skin innervations, and organic correlations.  Thousands of these systems have been used by doctors for patient education in over 19 countries.  In 2000, I began transforming these charts into computer animations and have been successfully selling these software programs since May 2001.

            Visual Odyssey (www.neuropatholator.com) has been the mainstay of my career for the past 32 years, and has kept me from pursuing my fine art sculpture.  The time is now right for me to refocus my attentions back into art.

Wood Carving

I began carving smaller sculptures while spending weeks and weekends at Boy Scout Events with my sons. These sculptures are of recognizable shapes that feel good to pick up and are designed to complement a table or desk environment.

            Some of my designs (like the hearts) offer the owner the opportunity to rearrange them to fit a mood.  Actually, a couple can use these heart sculptures to express some unspoken thought or feeling to their significant other.  This nonverbal communication sculpture can open channels of understanding between lovers. ‘Look at the hearts and receive a message.’

            I’m attracted to flowing, sensuous forms that beg to be caressed and held.  That’s precisely why I love the lines that hearts and dolphins express.

            I believe that it is important to surround ourselves with objects that resonate with us aesthetically. Therefore, it seemed perfectly natural to take something as structured as time and make a line of finely crafted clocks.


            In 2006, I discovered lampworking glass this medium has totally captivated me and I’m often at the torch by 7:30 AM (before Visual Odyssey employees arrive) or from 8-midnight.  It’s so easy to get lost in the plasma-like field of molten glass.  There is so much to learn and so many ideas bursting forth.   I hope you enjoy this site.